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competence, creativity and business acumen

Web development

Våre utviklere kan bistå med design og utvikling av nye nettsider, samt vedlikehold og optimalisering av eksisterende nettsider. 


UI tar for seg selve utseendet, mens UX handler om brukeropplevelsen av designet. Sammen utgjør de et godt og helhetlig webdesign. 

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Grafisk designer


Our team understands the requirements of our customers.

We are able to develop prototypes, banners, landing pages, web forms, newsletters, web design, mobile app design in collaboration with our partners.


Need for technology and development is great, and our expertise is more sought after than ever.

Consulting services

Consultant and advisory services

To create a solution that creates value, we need to understand both you, the end users of the service, and where the shoe presses.

Together we make a plan for what we want to achieve.

Power BI

Connect and visualize all data using the unified, scalable self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) platform, which is easy to use and helps you gain deeper data insights.

Service design

Service design is about developing efficient, comprehensive and customer-friendly services.

Responsivt nettsted

Our expertise

Before Project

  • concept

  • planning

  • interface

  • price estimate and budget

  • contract

Under Project

  • execution

  • user tests along the way

  • programmer and tester.

After a Project

  • final documentation

  • warranty

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