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Cybersecurity & OT


IT attacks on plants/factories/production introduce huge costs to companies in terms of expensive and long production shutdowns, in another turn with crucial negative effects on companies' reputation and stock values.


We are here to help with our unique IT security/cybersecurity competence for this area, which is globally rare, - as most cybersecurity are only covering companies' office systems, but not their most critical assets, that are their production facilities!


In production (Operational Technology - OT) Cybersecurity we perform insight and understanding of your plant/production/factory's critical values and processes, that are essential for implementing risk-reducing measures that produce the most effect. By this we find where your plant is vulnerable and give advice on how your most important values should be protected.

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Implementation of security controls and monitoring to protect your plant in accordance with industry standards (such as IEC62443, ISO27000, NIST, CIS CSC) to achieve strategic goals

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Implementation of security across your employees and their ways of working


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Training of employees to act correctly on IT threats to your plant



We offer advice to give your business insight into your current security situation, secure the business and address current IT threats to your plant, and will also help you perform necessary actions.


Advisory services within Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity, consisting of specialists who all have deep competence within Automation, Industrial-IT, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity, having worked in this field 20+ years each, both in Norway and internationally.


Industries covered are in terms of among others Energy/Power, Food, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industry.


Operational Technology competence spans over Networking, Client-Server systems, Cybersecurity, Business Intelligence/Data Analytics and Industrial IT in terms of all types of control systems - from DCS, SCADA, SIS (F&G/ESD/PSD), autonomous PLC applications - to HMI, IMS, MES and MIS/ERP/OEE/Asset management software (production/Batch management). Competence exist in all control system fabricates but with focus on ABB, Siemens and Rockwell product families.

OT Cyber Security advisory services encompass threat assessment, secure coding, cryptography, identity and access management, physical security, cloud security, endpoint security, network security, incident response, governance and risk assessment.

All assignments are executed in industry standard professional project execution model with regards to industry legislations, governing standards, regulations, directives and guidelines.

This encompasses technical lead, systems specification, functional specification, design specification/qualification, documentation, engineering/programming, testing & verification, commissioning and validation.

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